When you chose to ‘thumbs up’ songs, choose tracks that you consider classics. Whether they be from your generation or not- you are the authority. This is your world and nobody has to know about it but you. But when you’re done, you’re going to want everyone to hear it.


ACDC comes up for me more than I’m comfortable with. The guitar player in one of my last semi-successful bands loved ACDC and cited them as one of his top influeneces. Not only was I a fan of ACDC, but I was a fan of Jungle George ‏@PowerPope. I was a lonely drummer. He was an abandoned punk rocker from Brazil. We loved rock’n roll (still do, mother fucker). And I knew a bass player so, we were in business, but that’s a different story.

Seems like ACDC always showed up when I was a kid, hanging out with my dad where ever we were- playing pinball at Larry’s, hanging out at the yard with cousin-uncle Arsen, or riding the ATC through Uncle Mike’s backyard into the neightbor’s yard (that was cool with it, as we were told). We fucking rocked that shit. I was getting airborne on a motor vehicle while the adults got drunk and did whatever the fuck adults do. Fucking awesome. I like where I come from. I like what I like because of it.

This is already streaming into a self-inflective rant instead of the to-the-point dialog I anticipated when I began writing. Errr. New blog. I don’t care if I am good. That’s not why I’m here.

I don’t know where I should begin. My scars have overrun my skin. #TheBronxx One of my favorite bands. Music says a lot about people. Some honestly don’t give a shit. And others are consumed by it. Today, I’m in the middle.

So, anyway, Pandora… type in “Mclusky Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues” and fuck whatever you like. Fuck your Pandora playlist. Fuck it in the ass. Treat it like the dirty whore it is.